A Masterful Blend of Horror!

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Before I begin my review I just wanted to say thank you to Dawn, D&T Publishing LLC, and the D&T Street Team for accepting me! Also, I had yet to hear of Josh Schlossberg prior to this book, and my goodness do I look forward to seeing what else he has in store in the future!

Malinae has such a profound Gothic Horror tone in the beginning. I had a building of dread the entire time up until the climax. The fear of aging is one that we all face, and it is hit on very hard. Also, having a loved one falling victim to Alzheimer’s is very difficult, and Josh captured the pain loved ones watching the decline have to endure. In a way, and I have experienced it, being the loved one watching the decline is much harder and more frightening than you can imagine. The book switches gears toward the end, and Schlossberg executes a major switch in tone of the story. The story then transfers to a bit of body horror (nothing extreme), and a bit of occult. It seems like a drastic switch, but Josh executes it with ease and finesse.

Malinae is a story of an elderly couple in their “Golden Years”, being cared for by two in home caregivers. Ward and Malina have been married nearly half a century, and their lives are slowing down. Malina is suffering from Alzheimer’s, Ward is heartbroken, and at a point where he questions the failings of their bodies.

One night at dinner Ward notices something odd in Malina’s mouth, and he attempts to pry her mouth open to get a glimpse. Of course their caregiver Daria scolds Ward for not being more gentle and understanding. As the days seem to pass Ward seems like he only has one love left, and that is when he is coloring in his books. However, when his grandson Jason arrives to ask for help, and ends up staying Ward has ideas. These ideas soon are pushed aside as something doesn’t seem right with the caregivers, especially Celeste, and Malina herself. Will Jason and Ward decode the mystery that is occurring in the home? What is wrong with Malina? Or will they all simply end as fodder for the storm?

I cannot praise Josh Schlossberg enough for this incredible story, and I do not say that lightly! His style really made me reminiscent of when I was reading Ira Levin’s Rosemary’s Baby with a hint of the feel that Robert Bloch gave off in Psycho. Josh’s writing is eloquent, and completely engrossing!

All in all, I must give Malinae by Josh Schlossberg five pale Asterias’ out of five dreary Asterias’! This book was very hard to put down, and I do not think it could be better in any way. I absolutely love the flow of Mr. Schlossberg’s writing, and will absolutely read forthcoming works he releases! This is a must read of 2021, and I say that in all honesty and sincerity. Until next time, my friends.

Written By Andy C. on 04/24/2021

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